Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Things to Know About Somatic Bodywork Training in India

Feeling stored in your body never die! This may surprise you, but it is a sad truth of which we remain in denial or unknown of its existence.

Unknowingly, many feelings are stored in the body. It may be pride, jealousy, pride, contempt, and other traumatic events which you never want to recollect in life as they make you sad.

Somatic bodywork training in India is what you need to get rid of these unknown feeling and emotions. It would have been fine if these emotions were harmless.

These hidden negative feelings get manifested into many psychological and health problems for individuals. In short, they take toll on your quality of living in daily life.

Ayurveda - The secret tool for a complete well-being

Ayurveda has the secret tool and method of achieving a complete well-being in life. There are specific courses that offer Ayurveda training in Kerala dealing with somatic bodywork.

The courses help to excavate the body-mind-spirit emotional and psychological traumas hidden in the body. The comprehensive training consists of rigorous meditation, massage, and honest dialogues to recollect the bad experiences.

The techniques used in the bodywork are helpful to create experience and change your life forever.

What to expect in Ayurveda course in Goa?

Mental health is essential for well-being of an individual. Mental and emotional breakdown can infuse negative energy in your body making you sick and down.

Unearth your purpose and fine tune your energy through the Ayurveda course in Goa. The course would be helpful to be awareness of the health problems and spend time to self care. It would be helpful in transforming your life into a meaning and complete one quickly.

An increasing number of people are using the Ayurvedic techniques and methods in realizing their body potential.

Learning the new method would be useful to lead strong, disease-free and vigorous life without any problem. Join the program and eradicate your mental and physical problem.

Are you looking for a top institute to study Somatic bodywork in India?

Aitheinhealing is a top institute offering exceptional training to students coming from different regions. Contact them to enrol in the course now.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Learn the nuances of traditional healing with Indian ayurvedic massage

Staying healthy is an art in itself and those with the knowledge of Ayurveda are sure to live a rewarding life forever…


Something is wrong with the world. Or, something is not right with the way we approach life. Studies show more people than ever before are falling sick and leading an unhappy existence. Lifestyle changes have greatly affected our immune system and we are more prone to diseases and illnesses like never before. Hospitals are packed with people not happy with their life in general.

Well, staying healthy and leading a happy life may be two diametrically opposite things but both interlay with each other at many levels. We can’t be happy unless we’re healthy or, being unhappy can make us ill. The modern medical system is not much of help in these situations as it deals only with symptoms not with the roots of the problem.

This is where the power of Ayurveda shines through as it’s a healing system that concerns with striking a balance between the mind, body and spirit together. As per this ancient alternative medicine system, all the problems to the body are due to an imbalance between the five cosmic elements, namely air, fire, water, earth and space.

The knowledge of Indian ayurvedic massage can help anyone understand how to balance these elements and lead a healthy and happy life. The program teaches the use of message to unlock nerve centers in the body and allow the flow of energy in a smooth manner. Ayurveda also teaches about yoga, diet, mediation to cure diseases and help people live healthy forever.   

Similarly, students can enroll in Indian head massage course and understand the science involved in rubbing, kneading and pressing the nerves and tissues of the neck, scalp, lower body to relieve stress, tension, insomnia, migraine etc. There are other courses as well for understanding the role of diet in staying disease-free and having a balanced life.

So, trust a reliable college and gain in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda.

Aithein Healing is one of best ayurvedic colleges in India for students from any part of the world. Trust it for any Ayurveda course and change your life forever.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Enroll in head massage course and familiarize yourself with ancient Ayurvedic beliefs

People in India trust head massage a lot to get soothing effect on the body and mind instantly…

Head massage is a very popular tool in India to get instant relief from stress, fatigue and mild form of anxiety. This oil-based massage has roots in the ancient Ayurvedic beliefs and skills for it have been passed down from generations. In fact, virtually every household in the country relies on this simple massage to get physical and emotional relief in instant.    

It’s believed that massaging the head twice a week helps reduce stress and also provides the hair natural strength and vigor. The ease and flexibility with head massage has reached the west as well and people there now also take this tool seriously to keep themselves physically and mentally fit without any fuss. For that reason, more foreign students now seek enrollment in Indian head massage course.    

The course will help in two ways – first, one can learn to benefit from the principles of a 5000-year old medicine system and second, one can become a trained practitioner of Ayurveda head massage. The program is developed to teach the art of using hands and fingers to press, rub and knead the tissues of the neck, head and upper back to calm the body and mind together.  

The course will also teach the use and effects of different ayurvedic oils on the body and their use according to the symptoms and problems. This will help in treating pains (in the neck & shoulder), migraine and insomnia by application of the knowledge learned with the course. There is also Indian ayurvedic massage course to gain knowledge of the diet and nutrition for holistic healing.   

Students can trust ayurvedic course to understand the practical guidelines to staying healthy and happy for life without relying on medicines. They can understand how emotions affect the mind and body, and can also gain an insight into leading a healthy lifestyle. Plus, one can also know how to perform Ayurvedic massage therapies to impact lives.

Aithein Healing is one of best ayurvedic colleges in India offering a variety of courses for students. Benefit from its expertize and learn to lead a healthy life.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Experience the true essence of holistic healing and alternative medicine with Ayurveda

Western medicines and procedures may well treat any problem in the body but can they encourage us to lead to a happy, healthy and worry-free life?
Well, our modern healthcare system lacks soul even if it has the mettle for providing treatment for any disease in the body. Its focus is only on curing problems with zero emphasis on letting patients know the ways to leading a happy and balanced lifestyle. This is where Ayurveda makes its presence felt by being a true carrier of holistic healing and alternative medicine.  

Ayurvedic beliefs are sustaining for over 5000 years making it perhaps the oldest existing medicine system in the world. They are not only medicine system per se, but also merge together the principles of spiritualty and philosophy to ensure holistic healing. They believe that all human bodies are made of five cosmic elements – water, earth, air, fire and space – whose imbalance causes all the illness in the body.    

As per Ayurveda teachings, a happy and disease-free life is never possible unless you strike a balance among the cosmic elements in the body. If the elements are not balanced, they can lead to doshas (harms) and our body and mind will lose their potency. These doshas are often the reason behind stress, nervous breakdown, weak immune system, migraine, depression and so on.

There are however ayurvedic centers where people can go to achieve the desired balance, to heal the mind, body and spirit together, and to understand the ways to leading a healthy lifestyle. You can visit a top Ayurveda school India as well to either benefit from the age-old science of healing or to enroll in one of courses to learn the art of healing.  
Anyone can come to these centers or schools to unwind, rejuvenate and relax, or to get a broad understanding of different ayurvedic massage, therapy and detoxification courses. You can heal yourself or learn the philosophy of Ayurveda as a professional choice.

So, trust only one of top Ayurveda colleges in India and gain a deep knowledge of an age-old healing system.

Aithein Healing is an Ayurveda college offering various courses and certificates to those interested in learning the science of healing. Enroll here and gain a solid knowledge of Ayurvedic beliefs. 

Monday, 14 January 2019

Enroll in head massage course and understand the ancient Ayurvedic beliefs

Choose a right course and learn Indian head massage to understand why it is all the rage in the west…

The popularity of Indian head massage is growing by the day in the western countries. More people there benefit from the simplicity of this massage to relieve stress, soothe the mind, calm the nerves and feel better about themselves. The simplicity behind the method of massage is perhaps the biggest reason behind its widespread acceptance in the west.

More people are curious about the massage and want to learn its art and science to heal themselves or become its certified practitioner to impact lives. In fact, the number of foreign students seeking admission in Indian head massage course is rising rapidly which shows how the essences of ancient ayurvedic healing beliefs have found root in other countries across the world.  
The head massage not only reduces stress and keeps the hair healthy but it also has a soothing effect on the mind and body. Anyone can learn the art of using hands and fingers to press, rub and knead the tissues of the neck, scalp, shoulders and upper back to get the desired results almost instantly.   

Students can enroll in the massage course in one of the best ayurvedic colleges in India and understand the application of the massage on sitting posture and analyze the effects of ayurvedic oil on the body. The course can help learn the ways to bring relaxation in the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders to treat migraine, insomnia and pain in the back or neck.

Similarly, enrollment in a right massage course can help students learn the holistic approach to health, gain information on the authentic ayurvedic diet and understand how to lead a lifestyle in accordance with ayurvedic philosophy. If the course is well devised, it can impart knowledge of the effects of emotions on the body and also about methods to leading a healthy lifestyle. 
So, trust the power of Indian ayurvedic massage and become a trained healer.

Aithein Healing is a recognized college for a variety of Ayurvedic courses and programs. Students can trust it for learning the arts of healing to add value to the society.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Bring difference to lives with the knowledge of Ayurvedic massage

If you want to impact lives and make people happy, learn the spirit of Ayurveda and achieve the intended goal

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system that can heal the mind, body and spirit together. It combines the virtues of medicine, philosophy and spirituality in treating people of various ailments caused by disturbances in bodily elements. Its learning can help improve your life and you can also utilize the knowledge to heal people and make them disease free.

There are various Ayurvedic courses available for students to select and understand the body and spirit for curing people. Anyone can benefit from Indian ayurvedic massage course, grasp the theory of holistic approach to healing and study the diet and nutrition for keeping the body fit. The course will impart knowledge of how emotions affect the body and mind.     

An enrollment in this massage course presents an opportunity to understand Ayurvedic principles and their practical implementation to staying healthy and happy forever. After the course, students can learn to live a healthy lifestyle and be in control of their emotions. There will be different types of massage therapies to help cure ailments like anxiety, nervousness, constipation, insomnia and more.  
Similarly, students can benefit from Indian head massage course and become familiar with the ancient Ayurvedic beliefs and ways to doing massage. The course teaches how head massage can deliver a soothing effect on the body and mind instantly and reduce stress and tensions. Students will understand the right ways to using the hands and fingers to press the neck tissues and shoulder tissues and rejuvenate the client.  

The course is also helpful in learning the energy centers in the head and activating them to ensure optimum physical condition to anyone recovering the massage. You can choose one of recognized colleges and learn the Ayurveda philosophy for healing. Students can trust from best ayurvedic colleges in India and give a new dimension to learning.   

So, learn the methods of healing and possess a thorough understanding of treating people of various illnesses.

Aithein Healing is a recognized Ayurvedic college offering different courses and programs for learning Ayurvedic beliefs. Benefit from its infrastructure and know the essence of healing.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Learn the numerous healing benefits of ayurvedic message with Marma course

If you want to become a skilled practitioner of Ayurvedic massage, you should then enroll in a right course and learn the art of healing

India is perhaps the best place to be when you wish to become adept at ayurvedic massage. 

The country is not only the birthplace of the oldest-existing medical system in the world – Ayurveda – but also has some of best colleges and courses for learning the true spirits of a 5000-old alternative medicine system.

Students from any part of the globe can come here, select one of top Ayurveda colleges in India and enroll in a course developed for teaching the age-old concepts of healing. 

Even individuals seeking to find a balance between the mind, body and soul can benefit from Ayurvedic courses and lead a clutter-free and relaxed life.  

With admission at a top Ayurveda school India, anyone can learn the art and science involved in massage to soothe the body and mind instantly. 

Most schools here are recognized by the government and offer certificates to those who successfully pass out the exams. You can benefit from the company of experienced Ayurveda experts and learn the healing completely.  

In addition, students can learn a lot from Marma massage course and understand the significance of different marma points in the body. 

The course will teach how marma points in the body are prone to pain and can lead to long-term effects to the body. By the time the course completes, students will have understood the way to treating various illnesses caused by marma points.

In addition, the course will teach the right methodology of stimulating different marma points in the body to relax and rejuvenate the body with massage. 

Students can also learn how the massage is helpful in providing vitality and positivity to life or how it can impact lives. This is how one can become an accomplished healer with complete understanding of Ayurvedic beliefs.

So, choose a right course and learn all about healing with Ayurveda principles.

Aithein Healing is a recognized Ayurvedic school in India offering a full-spectrum of courses and programs to students. Enroll here and learn the true essences of healing. 

Monday, 24 December 2018

Indian Ayurveda and Its Relevance in the Modern World

In today’s hectic world, where people can be seen overtly busy with their works, and they seem to have no time left to pay attention to their physical needs, different types of problems, physical and mental, have become common among them. 

Though numerous medicines have been invented by researchers to cure these problems, neither of them is immune to side-effects.

Amid this situation, people are looking back at ancient ways of curing problems. Here is where Indian Ayurveda emerges as the most elegant way of tackling with the complex modern issues like anxiety, boredom, frustration, joint pains, etc. 

Even the number of international students looking to study Ayurveda in India has increased significantly.

So what are those reasons that still attract people to know and understand about Ayurveda more?

“To know me better,” “To explore the inner self and understand the mysteries of the universe,” and “To strike the right balance between mind and soul” are some of the most common answers that we received from our students at Aithein Healing.  

As varied and abstract as the responses may be, one of the most compelling reasons to learn marma therapy and other Ayurvedic practices is that Ayurveda is an excellent method of prevention and natural means for curing a disease.

Ayurveda offers plenty of ways to fulfill our physical and spiritual needs. It inculcates a belief that ensuring our well-being and improving the physical health is into our own hands. 

It’s an easy way and multi-modality approach to enjoying optimal health, and when guided by an expert, the results can be impressive.

Research on the benefits of Ayurvedic approach shows:
•    60 percent reduction in malignant and benign tumors
•    More than 85 percent reduction in cardiovascular diseases
•    45 percent reduction in PCBs
•    60 percent reduction in beta-HCH
•    An improved dental health
•    Reversal of Atherosclerosis

Apart from that, it's also been discovered that an Ayurvedic approach is 1000 times stronger and more potent than Vitamin E or Vitamin C.

People not only in India but also abroad have started believing in these facts about Ayurveda. And, this phenomenon has led to the emergence in demand for Ayurveda experts. 

Whether it is an Indian Ayurvedic massage or any other method of curing an issue, Ayurveda is there for you.

Aithein Healing is a renowned school when it comes to talking about leading Ayurveda institutions in South India. 

Based in Kerala, Aithein Healing is home to several Indian and overseas students learning the practices of Ayurveda.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Learn Marma Therapy to Achieve Holistic Health in Daily Life

Marma chikitsa is an integral aspect of the Ayurvedic treatment using the Marma massage method. Marmas are the hidden points or junctures in the body where the muscle, joint, ligament, vessel, and bones meet. This Indian Ayurvedic massage helps an individual to enjoy complete and holistic health even in modern life. It is an ideal massage to have in the top spas and therapeutic centers across the globe.

With the application of pressures on the Marma points, the body releases the blocked energy into the complex system to enhance functional and health aspects of individuals. It is not disease management but getting holistic health in daily life.

Learn Marma Therapy in India

In this course, you will learn Marma therapy and how it is beneficial for the individuals. You will learn to locate Marma points and how to massage them to induce energy release. After studying the human anatomy, you would learn the ancient healing method with practicum on the classroom. This centuries-old Ayurveda practice helps in creating a mind-body combination for effective treatment.

Unlike the acupressure, Marma Chikitsa focuses on stimulating the designated metabolic function, mind control, hormonal support, and other aspects of health. Apart from using skills, you need to use intuitions to combine Marma points for a better result. It is an essential way of increasing consciousness and awareness of the body. Increasing consciousness in daily life help in treating oneself with care, creativity and enhance energy.

The benefits of an effective Marma therapy are many. Individuals enjoy a soothing massage with many benefits like detoxification, rejuvenation, and healing of the mind, body, and spirit in the process.

How to become a successful Marma therapist?

Many institutions are offering Marma massage courses to the students across the globe. But, none of the colleges can match the quality of training and expertise held by teachers in India. That is why it is better to study Ayurveda in India than in other countries.

Want to study Marma therapy in India?

Aitheinhealing may be an ideal place to start your career in this field. The institute offers special Ayurveda massage courses with theoretical and practicum in the classroom. Contact them to get more information. 

Monday, 17 December 2018

5 Top Reasons to Study at Ayurveda School in India

Ayurveda is ancient healing system originated in India thousands of years ago. The old system aims to create a balance of chemical with the surrounding to enjoy better health and well-being. This centuries-old method can be utilized to lead a life with full vigor, strength, and happiness, not merely on the absence of physical pains.

Ayurvedic texts have said the constitution of every individual is different, but optimal health depends on the balance of three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Any disbalance of these doshas will lead to the formation of diseases. You can learn more about the concept and practical application by attending the top Ayurveda school in India. Besides the dosha practice, you will learn the following core principles in training:
  1. Learn Yoga from experts
Yoga has gained the center stage around the world with the introduction of 21st June as International Yoga Day at UNO.

Yoga asana comes in different forms and techniques useful to combat many health problems. Learn the techniques from qualified and experienced yoga instructor helps in getting expertise in this area. After knowing the steps, you can practice daily early in the morning to enjoy many health and psychological benefits in life. Numerous health benefits are associated with yoga practices in modern life. In an Ayurveda course India, you would learn yoga from the teacher in the classroom.
  1. Learn ancient massage for the well-being
 Massage is another popular practice in the western world of Ayurveda. There are hundreds of massages offered by expert practitioners to clientele for treatment of many diseases. Learn the ancient massage to use in the well-being of individuals during the training. An expert-led massage is enough to soothe, relax and free radical removal to prevent diseases.
  1. Know Herbal Medicines to Treat Ailments
Most of the plants, herbs, and grasses have medicinal properties useful to treat the simple to chronic diseases in preparation with ingredients. Herbal medicines are natural and effective to heal and cure diseases facing by human since ancient times. The medicinal value of the herbs and plants have been compiled in the ancient text of India.
If you are willing to learn herbal medicine, you can do so in a Kerala Ayurveda Academy or elsewhere in India. But, you must select the institution after proper investigation of faculties and accreditation o the courses.
  1. Meditation for Concentration and Memory
Meditation is an ancient art of controlling the wandering mind to stay in a place. Individuals practice meditation on daily life experience many health and psychological benefits. It is useful for students and professionals to concentrate on studies or works. To be able to control the wandering mind would help an individual to increase mind power and concentration.
  1. Ancient Wisdom to Wellness and Health
Ayurveda is ancient wisdom that has taught the principles and system of complete and optimal health in modern life. The system is helpful to beat stress, anxiety, depression, mental and psychological problems in life. It is the shortcut to enjoying wellness and complete health.

Want to study the Ayurveda courses in India?

Contact Aitheinhealing Institute to get more career options and courses. Contact them now.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Indian Head Massage Training: Learn the Way to De-stress and Relaxation

Indian head massage is an ancient way of maintaining health and create a harmony of the body. The massage assists in beating stress and gain complete relaxation in daily life. With rising instance of mental and psychological problems in modern life, there is a rising demand for Indian massage therapists across the globe.

Want to start a successful career in Indian head massage?

Joining the Indian head massage training in a top institution can be a crucial step to start a successful career. You will learn the way of beating stress, depression, and gain complete relaxation in daily life. Both theoretical and practicum are enough for any student to understand and impart massage to clients later. Recognized certification from a top Ayurveda academy helps in starting your career in the traditional industry.

Indian head massage is one of the most popular healing courses in India. Apart from learning the techniques, you would learn the practical applications and benefits that comes in the massage. In the classroom, students learn the practical giving massage on each other to experience the bliss and wellness before imparting to others. That is why any student can learn the ancient wisdom comprehensively to be called as a therapist to advance in career progression.

Here are some excellent benefits of the Indian head massage:
  • Helps treat migraine, headache and back pain.
  • Enhances your hair growth with use of oil in massage.
  • Accelerate detoxification of the body stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • Helps to treat insomnia promoting sleep.
  • Gives relief to anxiety and depression.
  • Re-energize your body
  • Boost memory power

Where to study Indian head massage?

India is the place where the Indian head massage originated. You can easily add this massage in your education trip if you had come to learn Ayurveda in India. The short training will be useful to march ahead in your chosen career. You can find top institutes in Kerala, Goa, and other states of India.

Aitheinhealing is one of the most popular academies offering Indian head massage and other courses to students. Contact them for more information now.

Things to Know About Somatic Bodywork Training in India

Feeling stored in your body never die! This may surprise you, but it is a sad truth of which we remain in denial or unknown of its existenc...